And Sublime Simplicity

 Every now & again one comes across something in music so profoundly moving and yet so simple that it seems as if its composer had not so much made it, perhaps laboriously, note by note, but had, in some obscure way, discovered it- that it was just waiting to be found and noted down for the delight of posterity.

 So it was with a song by John Dowland, not one of his most famous, and yet one which touched me deeply when I came across it, by chance, and was immediately moved to try and do something with it- as a sincerely felt homage to its creator.

 “Time Stands Still” the 2nd item from Dowland’s Third and Last Booke of Songs or Ayres, published in 1603 has words beginning thus:

 Time stands still with gazing on her face
Stands still and gaze for minutes
Houres and yeares, to give her place
All other things shall change
But she ramaines the same
Till heavens changed have their course
And time hath lost his name.

 Although not great poetry, these words do convey a definite poetic image of one so beautiful that when the poet gazes upon her, time seems to stand still for him. It is remarkable that Dowland is able to create such an expressive effect with the minimum of musical materials- just five notes in the voice part and a lute part which mixes simple harmonies in the key of G major (occasionally modulating to A minor) with counterpoint based mainly on scales.

 The question was: how to pay homage to Dowland and this song in particular? A straightforward arrangement for, say, voice and piano, would seem too uninventive- and no doubt has been attempted before.

I really wanted to write a kind of fantasy around Dowland’s song which would not merely arrange it but use it as the basis for my own ideas. What I decided to do was compose two variations on the song- one keeping the voice part and bass line, but changing the inner parts, and the 2nd embellishing the melody and further altering the harmony. I also wanted to eliminate any vocal or expressive tone colours from my piece, and therefore chose the unusual medium of celesta, an instrument without much of a solo repertoire and with a very limited tonal spectrum.

As celestas are not in great supply, I allowed the piece to be played on piano, one octave higher and una corda, as being the nearest alternative in sonority.

 Time Stands Still can be found on my musicaneo site at:

 Antares for solo percussionist. Antares consists of 32 fragments that may be played in any order and by any suitable percussion instruments.   

We Have No Right to the Stars    -   a secular motet to words by Ellis Humphrey Evans [1887-1917] for SATB  unaccompanied. The score includes a piano part for rehearsal only.

Copies are available on approval. Just contact me by 'phone or e-mail [see HOME]



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Humming Chorus from Madama Butterfly- Puccini- flute & piano

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Time StandsStill-John Dowland - arr. for solo celesta

El Tren Lechero-Paraguayan Polka - Felix Perez Cardozo arr. for flute & piano (2012)

On the Heather - A. Kussner & Cinq Grimaces - Satie arr. for saxophone Quartet (201 

Two versions of Ma fin est mon commencement- Machaut, arranged for hand bells & a free arrangement for wind quintet (2013)

Fantasia -Purcell- vibraphone, piano & d. bass (2011)

Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La -Byrd- flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, horn, harp, strings. (2013)

Hoquetus David- Machaut. A free reworking for flute & guitar (2013)

Pavan & Galliard – Dowland. Two arrangements for solo piano, and flute, harpsichord & cello. (2013)

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Deux Bourrees- Chopin, free arrangement- piano (2013)

The Ballad of the Bonnie Earl O’ Moray voice & piano with optional flute & bass drum (2009)

Winterzeit- Schumann- flute, viola & harp with optional celesta (2013 

Pussy Cat Dues –Mingus- piano (2015)

Alleluia- flute & guitar (2015)

Three Medieval Dances- oboe & piano (2015)

L’homme arme – Violoncello & piano (2015)

Dies Irae- flute, guitar, bells & vibraphone (2015)

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Adieu m’amour- Dufay – fl., vib. ,vla. (2016)

De plus en plus- Binchois- fl., glock., hp., vla. (2016)

Confirma hoc, Deus- Byrd- voice, flute, viola & harp (2017)

Light Music & Jazz

2 Guitars

Malaguena (2000

Flute & Guitar

Latin American Suite No 1 (also for alto flute, 2007)

Flute & harp

Latin American Suite No 2 (2007)

Flute & piano

Divertimento (2005)

Desert Winds (Emerson Edition, 2009)

Celtic Suite (2011)

Homage to Jerry Mulligan - jazz trio (2010)

Arctotis -jazz trio (2010)

A Paul Klee Suite -jazz quartet + optional flute (2011)

On Midsummer Hill -jazz quartet (also version for flute & piano) 2011

Japanese Folksongs- flute, guitar, bass and percussion (2011)

Variations on 12 Notes- jazz quartet (flute, piano, bass, drums) (2014)

Portraits- voice, electric piano, flute & percussion 2014 in prep.

Three Jazz Homages 1. To Gerry Mulligan; 2. Pussy Cat Dues; 3. To Jack Teagarden -piano 2016 (also arrangements for flute & piano and wind quartet.)

Ambient Studies #1 & 2.  MIDI files (on as mp3 files) 2016

Neptune – flute ensemble (composed for Opal Flutes) 2016

Three Pieces for Violin & Piano 1. The Two Drovers 2. Fragmented Blues 3. A Day in Autumn 2016

Ambient Study #3 MIDI file (on as mp3 file) 2017

Santubong- percussion ensemble (2017)

Still Life I-IV –flute & piano trio (2017)

On the Horizon (& other pieces from 2016-17) piano, violin & opt. cello (2017)


 Mountain Music; Forest Music; Conch-erto; Overtone studies; Sounding Stones; Commagene (all in 20 Essays -Conceptual Music, GRIN Publishing 2011)

Wind & Water Pieces for listener(s) (2011)


Sounds for an Arboretum –sketched (2015)


20 Essays- published by GRIN


*Available from the composer as hard copies or in PDF format. These and other works may be seen and listened to on &

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