Michael James Regan 

Composer - Teacher - Accompanist

Michael James Regan was born in Ruislip, West London, in 1947 ,  was educated at Gunnersbury Catholic Grammar School and later studied at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. His teachers there included Peter Wishart, Buxton Orr, Dennis Dance and Patric Standford. He later taught theory and composition at the London College of Music until 1997.  Michael gained the Durham B. Mus. degree in 1973 and the M.Mus. degree in Composition [with distinction]  from the University of West London in 1997. From that year, as well as teaching,  he was busy examining for LCM examinations in the U.K., Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. After retiring from examining in 2015 he has devoted more time to composition and  teaching piano and theory in private practice.  He is a member of PRS, ISM,  London Composers' Forum and the Richard III Society.

Michael regards all  of his activities as equally interesting and stimulating. He writes:

 “As a teacher, my aims are to make the lessons as interesting as possible while also achieving some progress at each lesson. As an examiner, my work has, apart from taking me to many cities and towns in the United Kingdom, left me with a lasting affection for the far-eastern nations of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore which I have visited numerous times. As a composer, I have never felt the need to adhere to one style in my work and influences range from a number of seemingly incompatible sources: classical European, jazz, minimalism and oriental music have all been inspirations. Composers and writers that have influenced my work [or in whom I take a particular interest] include Kitaro, Tom Johnson, Frank Denyer, Laurence Crane, Satie [via Roger Eno], John Cage, Dick Raaijmakers, Hardy, Eliot and Yeats.”

 Recent performances of compositions by Michael Regan have been given by Anna Bell [flute], The London Myriad Ensemble, The London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra, Janet Oates [voice], The Konvalia Quartet, Total Brass, Sharon Moloney [flute] & Catherine Herriott [piano], Opal Flutes, Derek Foster [vibraphone & piano], Felicity Hayward [mezzo-soprano], the Regency Ensemble and the Marsyas Trio.

Published works

Publishers include Schott, Stainer & Bell, Duettino,  Spartan Press, Animus, Emerson Edition, Piccolo Press, Composers Library, Forton Music, etc.

In addition:

A large selection of works is available on scoreexchange.com, musicaneo.com, sheetmusicpress.com  and a sample of work may be listened to on https://soundcloud.com/user-869643521

Academic Appointments

1990 -2000 Tutor in piano & theory Watford School of Music

1975-1997 Tutor in theory and composition London College of Music

1997 -2015 Examiner in music [practical & theoretical] LCME

2003 -2013 Tutor in piano & theory for Kingston Music & Arts Service [SW London]

2015 Adjudicator 2nd Malaysian Festival of Music & Arts Kuala Lumpur

2015 -  Tutor and co-principal Regan School of Music [SW London]

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